Royal Tombs of the Lord of Sipan Museum

Visit one of Latin America’s most spectacular museums, the Tumbas Reales de Sipán Museum, named after the world-famous burial Chambers discovered beneath the ancient adobe pyramids. The three-sto See more details

Huaca Rajada – Sipan Site Museum

This place belonged to the Moche culture and it is considered the most important ceremonial center of the north of Peru. The site consists of two platforms that were built with solid blocks of adobe See more details

Huaca Ventarron (When visiting Huaca Rajada)

Appreciate the recent discovery of the oldest mural paintings of America, located in a ceremonial center of more than 4 000 years old. Near to the spot where it was found the tomb of the Lord of Sipan See more details

Tucume Pyramids

An impressive complex of 26 pyramids from the Lambayeque culture, which is seen from a natural viewpoint, also visit the site Museum, which tells the story of the legendary Naylamp, founder of the Lam See more details

Huaca Las Balsas (When visiting Tucume)

It is a small mound that is located on the southwest corner of the Tucume complex with several overlapping construction phases, all decorated with magnificent murals and even beautiful reliefs with See more details

Huaca Chotuna (When visiting Tucume)

Built by order of the legendary founder of the Lambayeque culture: Naylamp. It is a vast plain of about 95 hectares where was discovered enclosures with beautiful polychrome friezes and murals with m See more details

Bosque de Pomac

Visit to Bosque de Pomac, located 35 km north of Chiclayo. This incredible place, a vast forest of algarrobo trees on the old grounds of the Batan Grande sugar cane hacienda, is dotted with dozens of See more details

Sican Museum

The exhibition collects the artifacts found in excavations of the site of Batan Grande and show them as they were used or fabricated. The intention is to model different aspects related to the Sican See more details

Bruning Museum

Opened in 1966 it is located two blocks from the main park. It was made for the research work of 48 years of Peruvianist Enrique Bruning. In the gardens of this beautiful museum highlights Naylamp See more details

Chaparri Reserve

Visit one of the best protected dry forest areas and home to a range of wildlife, including many endemic and threatened species such as the: Andean or Spectacled Bear, Andean Condor, White-winged Guan See more details

City Tour & Witch Market

Visit to the famous Paseo Las Musas, a pleasant place to enjoy a moment of family entertainment, continue to the main park. This park is not called Seat of Arms, because Chiclayo was not founded by th See more details

Beaches & Monsefu Town

Travel guide to Santa Rosa and Pimentel beaches. Also Monsefu is known for its straw weaving – hats, baskets, purses, and saddle bags – as well as works of cotton and thread. It is also famous f See more details


46 km southeast of the city of Chiclayo (1 hour and 30 minutes by bus). In Zana are the remains of what was a colonial city founded in 1563. It is a ghost town, home of legends and stories, like one See more details